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ar <br />°rise <br />November 24, 2014 <br />JoEllen Edgington <br />Nebraska Department of Roads District 2 <br />4425S.108 th St. <br />PO Box 45461 <br />Omaha, NE 68145-0461 <br />RE: Banner Permit <br />Dear Ms. Edgington, <br />CITY OF F)LAIQ <br />Enclosed please find the annual banner application for the City of Blair. The cover letter sent <br />with the application stated that your office would email me a completed copy of this banner <br />permit. Last year, a copy was never returned to our office. <br />Please email me a completed banner application to Thank you in <br />advance for your assistance. <br />Happy Holidays!! <br />Sincerely, <br />Brenda Whee er <br />City Clerk <br />Enc <br />218 South 16th Street • Blair, Nebraska 68008 • 402-426-4191 • Fax 402-426-4195 • E-mail cityofblalr@ci, <br />